Heaven Sent Children Adoption

Heaven Sent Children Adoption, a Middle Tennessee adoption agency, founded in 1991, was established to provide the promotion of healthy adoptive family life through education, resources, counseling, advocacy and support services. Heaven Sent Children Adoption joined forces with The Center for Family Development in 2011, becoming the adoption division for TCFD.  HSC/TCFD believes that every child should have a loving home prepared to meet their needs emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

Heaven Sent Children Adoption is comprised of four experienced licensed social workers, three of whom are also parents through adoption.  Our staff believes deeply in supplying our clients with best practice social work to prepare them for the needs of their adopted child and family after their child’s placement.  This begins with a cooperative, trusting relationship between worker and client during the home study process.  It is our goal to know our clients well, so that we can best advocate for them, assist them through the process and be there for them in times of need even after an adoption is complete.  Adoption is a lifelong process.  Who you choose to work with is important.

Main Office:      615-898-0803

Toll Free:          888-462-2999

24/7 Cell:          615-556-8707

To request more information regarding adoption services from Heaven Sent Children please e-mail cindy@heavensentchildren.com or click here to download an application packet.

Heaven Sent Children’s Adoption 101 Informational Meeting If you have considered adoption and want to learn more about the types of adoption, the process, and much more make plans to attend our Adoption 101 Informational Meeting. Attendees receive two credit hours of adoption education training towards their adoption education requirements. Staff will be available to meet with you to answer your questions in an informal setting. Please contact cindy@heavensentchildren.com if you would like to attend.

It is not a requirement to attend this meeting to begin the home study process with Heaven Sent Children.  For more information, please contact us at (615) 898-0803 or cindy@heavensentchildren.com to schedule a free, private consultation.