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Healthy Families/Healthy StartWhat it is?
Healthy Families is a program which provides first-time parents with support and educational materials in order to assist parents in providing a safe, nurturing environment for their children. Healthy Families begins serving families in the last trimester of pregnancy and can stay in the home until the child turns five years old. Healthy Families helps new parents learn to (1) care for their baby and themselves,(2) expect specific changes as their baby develops, (3) utilize community services, (4) recognize safe environments for children, (5) calm and quiet a crying baby, (6) encourage safe exploration for their baby, (7) seek necessary medical care, and (8) understand the needs of their children.

Healthy Families- Shelbyville Office (Sue Fletcher- Program Coordinator)

100 East Side Square

Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160

931-684-4676 ext 206

Serving…  Bedford,Coffee,Marshall,Moore,Maury,Lincoln,Franklin and Rutherford Counties

Healthy Start- Clarksville Office (Melodye Powers- Program Coordinator)

Madison Street



Serving Montgomery and Stewart Counties

How does Healthy Families work?
A worker meets with you to determine what needs and concerns you have.  During the initial meeting, the worker will discuss what services will be available to you.  If you decide to become part of our Home Visitation program, we offer toys, books, educational materials, videos, and other tools that may be checked out for use with your child and family.
How much does it cost to participate?
Nothing!!! Healthy Families is offered free of charge. There will never be a fee charged to a participating family!
How much time is involved?
You should plan to meet with a Healthy Families representative at least weekly. We also offer the opportunity to meet other new parents, hear their adventures in parenting, and to have fun with each other.

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